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Dieu et le Soleil


Welcome to the genealogy site of the Dieleman family.

The Dieleman family is without doubt one of the largest and oldest families in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, the most southwestern part of the Netherlands. For many years people were busy tracking their ancestors. One of the first van (Great) Major Jozias Dieleman, from Hoek and living in the Hague.
Later on a lot of work was done bij
mr. Verburgh  from Eindhoven, Jan Dieleman from Waterlandkerkje and Leendert  Dieleman from Terneuzen. Krijn  Dees from Terneuzen did a lot of work on the woman site of the family.
mr. D. Dees sr. from Hoek and now (still going strong) living in Breda, still doing research on 4 family trees ( Alvarez- Dees-de Feijter-Dieleman).
A lot of data in this site comes from "de Kroniek van Petrus Dieleman" which was put on paper bij him.

When I was doing research on my own family, I found this "Kroniek" and because my wife was a Dieleman' and I could not find any specific site about this family on the Internet,  
I decided to put this data, together with my own research material, on the Internet. 
All the time new information is sent in by people visiting this website, but some time ago I was contacted by
Mrs. Ella Dieleman from Oirschot en she gave me an enormous amount of information and still more is coming in. So keep on visiting to see what she knows about the family.

Any comments and/or information will be gladly received. You can email to

I wish you a lot of fun.