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Welcome to the English version of the Ouwens Family Tree.

This site contains information about 5 different branches of the Ouwens family. Up till now I have not been able to connect them.

The first branch, to which I belong myself, originates from IJsselmonde. Nowadays a part off  Rotterdam-City.
The oldest Ouwens in this branch, we know who must have existed, is
Clement  Jacobsz Ouwens, born in 1522, inhabitant of East-IJsselmonde (1555), carpenter and owner of a house in East-IJsselmonde (1579).  In this branch there is still a lot of work to do and to answer a lot of questions

Two other branches have as oldest member Michiel Gijsbert and Nicolaas. Both originate from the city of Nijmegen.
The branch of Nicolaas seems to have died out. At first I only did put the data of my own branch onto the Internet, but later on, when  I got a lot of information about the two other branches from Peter Ouwens Nagell, from the Michiel Gijsbert branch, I decided to put this data also onto the Internet. Later on I found another two branches that I could not connect. I took them on this site too. With the help of interested parties I hope that in the future it will be possible to connect the different branches.

All the information about these three branches is also available in GEDCOM and in Microsoft Word. If you wish I will send it to you by email, same with the family crest in colour.